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The Kitchen at The Redmoor

Welcome to The Kitchen. A simplistic name behind a complex culinary culture from the styles of Chef Scott McDonald. 

One of the most unique kitchen and catering combinations in Cincinnati. Delivering on both live and private event menus. The diverse creations from The Kitchen are made from scratch and ingredients are locally sourced. 

Its the attention to detail and diverse offerings that make an in-house kitchen the perfect compliment to your event.


Taste the Creativity


Nothing challenges a Chef and his team more than designing delicious dishes for buffet, plated, live event, and specialty menus. While making their dishes from scratch from hand-selected Cincinnati sources.

The delectable designs can accommodate any style of event. They've mastered the fine dining prestige of carefully crafted plates and the individually delightful bites of a buffet. We have enticing tastes on our menus for every palate.

Menus from The Kitchen

Whether you're joining us for a show or planning an event. We have a menu for every occasion. Chef Scott's selections are well-known and featured on all our menus. 

You can check out each of our menus or download our full menu PDF below.

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The History of The "R"

The Redmoor Event House is a historic theatre in the heart of Mount Lookout Square. Since 1938, The Redmoor has hosted Cincinnati events from silver screen showings, a dinner theater, and now an event house featuring local events and concerts.

The unique tradition of the event space and atmosphere has maintained the Redmoor's standing as a premier event center and treasure of the Cincinnati Eastside community.

The glowing marquee and ticket box are a reminder of the amazing history of the Redmoor. The owners have maintained the architectural and style integrity of the space and continue to revive the Redmoor experience with each event in the historic theatre and event space.

Egg Rolls
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